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Bishop Randy Freeman

Bishop Randy Freeman Sr. is a native of Raleigh, NC.  He is the Senior Pastor and Founder of New Life New Beginnings Christian Center “Where Your Life Matters” in Garner, NC.  New Life New Beginnings Christian Center was birthed in Bishop Freeman's spirit by the Holy Spirit in 2009 and has since grown into a phenomenal ministry.

Bishop Freeman has been married to the love of his life Co-Pastor Lisa for 30 plus years. They have two wonderful children, Randy Jr., and Britnie A. Freeman.

Bishop Freeman has an Associate Degree in Theology; he graduated Magna Cum Laude from the former Michael’s Bible College. Bishiop Freeman is an awesome spiritual leader who loves to teach and preach God’s word.  He is dedicated and has a passion for helping people learn about who God is and how salvation can transform their lives.  He’s continuous is on a mission to make an impact not only in the local community, but throughout the world.  He is the founder of Men of Honor where he empowers the Men by showing how to use Christian principles as their foundation in their lives.  Bishop Freeman’s love for the children is visible throughout his ministry, always expressing to the girls and boys that they are valuable.  He has also established a Teen Summit to build relationships with the youth and young adults, teaching them how to lead Christian lives.  He is a powerful and anointed Pastor, Teacher, Father, Visionary, Conference Speaker and a mentor to many. 

Bishop Freeman finds preaching and teaching God’s Word, the most fulfilling task he has ever embarked upon.  His motto is: “Nothing Changes the Fact that God Is Good”

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