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CoPastor Lisa Freeman

Co-Pastor Lisa Freeman, cofounder of New Life New Beginnings Christian Center, is a beacon of faith, wisdom, and compassion within the community. With three decades of marriage to her devoted husband, Bishop Randy E. Freeman, and their shared journey in raising their children, Britnie and Randy Jr., alongside the joy of welcoming grandson Carson into their family, Co-Pastor Lisa Freeman's life reflects the transformative power of God's grace and the strength of family bonds.

Armed with an Associate Degree in Theology and a Bachelor's Degree in Biblical Studies, Co-Pastor Lisa Freeman's dedication to her spiritual education is evident. Her pursuit of knowledge has equipped her to effectively minister to the spiritual needs of the congregation, guiding them on their journeys of faith.

As a co-founder of New Life New Beginnings Christian Center, Co-Pastor Lisa Freeman has been instrumental in shaping the vision and mission of the church. Her leadership is characterized by humility, wisdom, and a genuine love for God and His people.

In addition to her pastoral duties, Co-Pastor Lisa Freeman is a devoted wife and mother. Her partnership with Bishop Randy E. Freeman exemplifies the beauty of a Christ-centered marriage, rooted in mutual respect, love, and shared faith. Together, they have nurtured their children, Britnie and Randy Jr., instilling in them the values of faith, integrity, and service.

The arrival of grandson Carson has brought immeasurable joy to Co-Pastor Lisa Freeman's life, reminding her of the importance of passing on the legacy of faith to future generations.

As Co-Pastor Lisa Freeman continues to serve alongside her husband and family at New Life New Beginnings Christian Center, her passion for God and her compassionate heart for people inspire others to experience the transformative love of Christ.

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